Children's Day Festival in México Makes Over 300 Sick

About 302 children and 15 adults were apparently sickened by food poisoning at a Children's Day festival in a Mexican village.

The health department in the southern Guerrero state says 47 children and one adult remain hospitalized. The others have been released.

This number is significantly higher than those that were first reported.

On Monday, the state Health Secretariat Lazaro Mazon initially said only 170 children and six adults were ill from the party at Juan R. Escudero Elementary School in the Los Organos section of Acapulco.

The department said that all of those who fell ill ate spaghetti, beef, salsa and cake at a grade school celebration in the outskirts of the Mexican Pacific resort city.

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The adults who fell ill were teachers, parents and school staff.

While no one was in serious condition, doctors said patients had diarrhea, vomiting, high fevers, headaches and dehydration.

State health authorities are analyzing food served at the party to determine exactly what caused the food poisoning.

With reporting by EFE & the Associated Press.

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