Breast cancer survivors walk topless at NY Fashion Week

A fashion show that took place Sunday at New York Fashion Week is getting tons of attention—not just for the clothes it displayed, but for the models themselves. The AnaOno X #Cancerland fashion show featured 16 women modeling lingerie—all of whom are either currently battling or have battled breast cancer.

The show featured underwear from AnaOno Intimates, a lingerie company that makes products with breast cancer patients in mind. Designer Dana Donofree started AnaOno in 2015 after battling breast cancer and having both of her breasts removed. She eventually underwent reconstructive surgery, but realized traditional bras were hard for her to wear.


"I went to my underwear drawer and pulled out all the beautiful lacy bras I owned and I quickly realized this wasn't going to work. I was no longer normal," she told TODAY in 2015 about her experience. "I thought, this can't be it: This can't be the way I'm going to have to live the rest of my life." That's when Dana decided to design her own bras for the many women like her who had undergone breast cancer treatment.

Each of the women who walked in Dana’s show have undergone some sort of breast surgery, ranging from a lumpectomy to a single or double mastectomy. Some women had reconstructive surgery while others didn’t. Some women went topless or wore body paint up top, while others modeled bras. The women represented a range of ages and races, to show that cancer can touch any life.

"This is my one little chance to help a woman feel a little bit better about herself in her journey," Dana told Women's Health about her business in 2015. "Work is also part of my healing process," she says.

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