The Lord has spoken to Andressa Urach. And He told her to cover up.

Urach, the 27-year old former Miss BumBum contest runner-up who made headlines earlier this year after a botched butt implant led to a nasty infection, claims she has found God and now plans to cover-up her well-known behind following her near-death experience.

"I believe completely that faith saved my life, and it has changed my view about everything," she said, according to the New York Daily News.

Urach added that she has tossed out six closets' worth of skimpy clothes as part of her newly conservative, god-fearing lifestyle.

Earlier this year Urach was rushed to the hospital after presenting symptoms related to her recently added implants in her buttocks. Speaking to reporters from her hospital bed in São Paulo, Urach said that she underwent an emergency operation to remove the substances from her left butt cheek, as her leg was at risk.

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"I am suffering a lot, but God is with me. It's my fault, my vanity made me push the limits," Urach said, according to the Daily Mail. "Thanks to God I no longer need my body to work. Now I work with honor and can sustain my family like that. I prefer to have legs and be able to walk and lose half a buttock than to die."

Last year Urach was hospitalized for over a month in serious condition after a cosmetic treatment to increase the size of her thighs, medical sources reported.

A spokesman for the model said that doctors performed a "cleaning" procedure at the site on her leg where, on Nov. 21, she underwent an operation to remove a product called hydrogel, which she had had injected five years before to increase the size of her upper legs.

And in case anyone is wondering if Urach really has give up revealing her bottom revealing, check out her Instagram feed. Once dominated by cheeky shots of a skimpily-dressed Urach, the model is now seen in knee-length dresses and long sleeves and including motivational, faith-based posts.

"It’s not what you write or say that makes the difference with God," she said. "But how you choose to live your life."

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