7 simple diet swaps

You can take these tips to the bank. Here are small swaps that add up to big calorie savings.

1. Milk swap
Switch from 2 percent milk to fat-free milk. You just saved 117 calories.

2. Different dressing
Switch from ranch salad dressing to balsamic vinegar. You just saved 128 calories.

3. Bag the bagel
Switch from a bagel with cream cheese to a light English muffin with jelly. You just saved 360 calories.

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4. Snack on this
Switch from multigrain chips to a fruit leather. You just saved 95 calories.

5. Downsize
Switch from a large fries to small fries. You just saved 270 calories.

6. Happier trails
Switch from trail mix to dried fruit. You just saved 61 calories.

7. Say no to salad
Switch from a taco salad to a taco. You just saved 396 calories.

This originally appeared on Health.com.