32 children's medicines recalled over contamination

A maker of children’s medicines has issued a voluntary recall for over two dozen of its products over a “microbial contamination” that could result in life-threatening infections.

The FDA announced that King Bio, which has not reported any injuries or illnesses as a result of the contamination, issued the recall on Wednesday.


Affected products, which were produced between August 2017 and April 2018, include medications intended to relieve cough, fever, ear aches, teething, flu and stomach aches.

Here is the full list of recalled products, which are mostly packaged in 2-ounce bottles:

?        DK Attention & Learning Enh.

?        Chicken Pox Symptom Relief

?        Children's Appetite & Weight

?        Children's Appetite Enhance

?        Children's Cough Relief

?        Children's Fever Reliever

?        Children's Growth & Development

?        DK Newborn Tonic

?        DK Nosebleed Relief

?        TonsilPlex

?        Children's Ear Relief Formula

?        DK Teething

?        DK Colic Relief

?        Tummy Aches

?        Kids Multi-Strain Flu Relief

?        Kids Stress & Anxiety

?        Kids Sleep Aid

?        Kids Bed Wetting (NP)

?        Kids Candida 4 oz

?        Kids Attention & Learning (SCRX)

?        Bed Wetting Prevention (SCRX)

?        Chicken Pox Symptom Relief (SCRX)

?        Children’s Cough (SCRX)

?        Children’s Ear Formula (SCRX)

?        Children’s Fever Reliever (SCRX)

?        Children’s Growth & Development (SCRX)

?        Colic Relief (SCRX)

?        Newborn Tonic (SCRX)

?        Teething (SCRX)

?        Tummy Aches (SCRX)

?        Children’s Appetite & Weight (SCRX)

?        Children’s Appetite Enhancer (SCRX)

The company instructed consumers to discard the products and direct questions to 1-866-298-2740 or via e-mail.