12-year-old hospitalized after ingesting marijuana edible on school bus

A 12-year-old boy in Massachusetts was hospitalized after ingesting a marijuana edible on his public school bus, and now local school officials are trying to figure out where he got the substance so other students aren’t harmed.

Fox 25 Boston reported Stacy Velasquez’s son, whom the news website did not name, suffered what doctors likened to an overdose, which caused him to be in a trance-like state.

After his bus ride from Fuller Middle School on Monday morning, the boy called Velasquez crying.

“He said, ‘I ate something,’” Velasquez recounted. “I said, ‘What did you eat?’ He said, ‘Candy.’ ‘Where did you get it?’ [she asked.] He said he found it on the bus.”

When Valasquez went to the school, she found her son hardly able to speak. She took a video of his behavior and rushed him to the emergency room, the news station reported.

“Once the tox screen came back, [doctors] said they'd never seen this before in a child so small, like an overdose so to speak of marijuana,” she told Fox 25, “but basically it would run its course and he would sleep it off.  And that's what he did last night.”

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Recreational marijuana use is legal in Massachusetts but not for anyone younger than 21.

“I would just like someone to make sure the school is doing their part and the bus drivers are doing their part to make sure the children get to and from school safely and that something like this doesn't happen to someone else's child,” Velasquez told Fox 25. “I think the teenager involved [should be charged], because right now, it's expected to be one of the high schoolers.”

The district superintendent told the news station they don’t have comment at this time, the news station reported.

Velasquez said her son has recovered but is embarrassed.