World's first frozen Coca-Cola squeeze pouch just launched

Coca-Cola Japan keeps introducing enviable limited-edition flavors and pushing the technological boundaries of beverage-drinking with wild new soda inventions. Earlier this year, Coca-Cola Japan even released a laxative version of Coca-Cola as a new health product, and in 2016 they managed to create a bottle of liquid Coca-Cola that turned into a frozen Coke slushie as if by magic when opened. Now they’ve come out with an even cooler way to serve frozen Coca-Cola, and they’ve introduced the world’s first frozen Coca-Cola slushies in convenient, hand-held squeeze pouches.

According to Sora News 24, Coca-Cola Japan says the frozen Coca-Cola pouches have actually been in development for eight years and went through 100 prototypes before landing on this design and formula. It apparently takes a lot of effort to make sure the Coca-Cola flavors taste right, without getting too intense or watered-down with freezing. The first frozen soda pouches on the market are Coca-Cola Frozen Lemon, which taste like classic Coca-Cola with a bit of lemon flavor, which the company says makes a refreshing, sherbet-like beverage for summer.

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The frozen pouches went on sale on April 16 for 130 yen, or about $1.22. The pouches are re-sealable, and customers are advised to “massage” their pouches to get their desired degree of crunch and slushiness.

The frozen Coca-Cola pouches will be sold pre-frozen in stores for people who want to slurp them right away, and also un-frozen, for people who want to take them home and put them in their own freezers.

Frozen soda slushies in handy pouches sound like a game-changer, so clearly Coca-Cola Frozen Lemon will not be the only frozen Coke product to hit the shelves in pouch form. Coca-Cola Japan has already announced that frozen Fanta pouches will be on their way soon.

Everybody who does not currently live in Japan will just have to hope the frozen-pouch technology makes it to the rest of the world, and that it does not join New Coke on the list of the world's most hilarious food and drink product fails.