The Piedmont region in the northwestern corner of Italy, is best-known for producing fabulous wines known as the “king-of-wines-and-the-wine-of-kings” -- Barolo and the Barbaresco -- made from the infamous Nebbiolo grape.

But there are other grapes in Piedmont, like the Barbera and Dolcetto, that produce equally wonderful wines. The Barbera grape is often fruity and delicate with less tannin than wine made from the Nebbiolo grape. And the Dolcetto is not sweet as the name indicates (“dolce” is Italian for sweet), but creates more of a fresh and dry red wines with some tannin.

Achille Boroli, owner of Boroli Winery in Piedmont, Italy, produces all of it, though his winery is known for its Quattro Fratelli Barbera and Barolo.

Boroli has energy and passion that bleeds into his wines. He is extremely hands-on at the wineries and has created Boroli USA, which imports their wines directly to the United States to help keep costs down.

I was most interested in his Madonna di Como Dolcetto D'Alba though, as I have never tasted the Dolcetto grape before.

So I am going to try something new tonight. How about you?

Cent’ Anni.