Why Target is selling Doritos in the refrigerated section

There's a curious thing going on in Target stores across America.

Over the past two weeks, shoppers have been noticing bags of Doritos stored in Target refrigerator units.  Confused customers started posting images on Twitter and Instagram of the chilled bags of Doritos sitting alongside sour cream, cheese and raw ground meat.

So, are Doritos suddenly perishable?

Speculation on social media was rife, with some claiming that the lower temperature kept them crunchier.

But Huffington Post finally got to the bottom of it.  The store finally confirmed that it was simply positioning the chips to help sell ingredients for a recipe dubbed "walking taco." It includes ground beef, cheddar cheese, and sour cream, which all goes straight into the Dorito bag and is to be eaten with a spoon, like a Frito pie.

But that still doesn’t solve another Target mystery.  The Consumerist published a photo on Tuesday showing a a bag of Cheetos in a locked case next to $60 copies of “Call of Duty.”

No answer yet from Target about that.