Walmart cashier uses own money for elderly man who couldn’t afford groceries

A Walmart cashier reportedly dug into her own pocket for money to pick up the grocery tab for an elderly man who couldn't afford his food.

Jenny Karpen, a new employee at an upstate New York store giant, was checking out customers when an "older gentleman" entered her lane, reports News 10 ABC.

“He was getting his groceries. Some of it was food, and some of it was for his pet," Karpen told the station.

After she had finished ringing up the items, Karpen turned to the man who handed her some money.

“And he was like, ‘Is it enough?” Karpen said. “And I was like, ‘No, it’s not.’ So he was trying to take stuff back.”

But the new cashier stopped the customer before he could remove items from his bags. She claims she “felt really bad” and didn’t want him to go home hungry. So she took $40 from her own pocket and handed it to the man to use as payment.

Karpen never got the customer's name but once the man left, the next customer behind him offered the cashier money to reimburse her for her good holiday-time deed. But it is against Walmart policy to take money from customers so Karpen declined.

“There should be more people like that in the world,” Jamie Cobb, Karpen’s manager at Walmart told News 10. “We just need to clone Jenny. We need to have Jenny’s one through ten.”