Every year, dozens of new inventions emerge that aim to make our lives a little easier in the kitchen or at a restaurant. Here are some that we’ve noticed so far this year, from the potentially revolutionary to the completely absurd.

1. Cake in a Jar


(Country of Origin)

A blogger discovered that at a patisserie named Country of Origin just outside of Mumbai, India, they’re selling layer cakes in a jar. The flavors include "haute" chocolate and hazelnut, cookie dough, caramel and cream, cookie dough and hazelnut crème, red velvet, and Black Forest cake. You bring it home, microwave the whole jar for 30 seconds, and enjoy.

2. Pluck Yolk Extractor



Removing the yolk from the white can be a real chore for those who haven’t mastered the in-shell approach (crack the egg in half and capture the yolk in one of the halves), but this new invention makes it a piece of cake (not in a jar). Just crack your egg into a bowl, place the contraption over the yolk, give it a squeeze, and it gets sucked right up. $12.99.

3. Cronuts


(Dominique Ansel)

Even though it most likely was invented some number of years ago, the Cronut — the combination of a croissant and a donut — really took off this year thanks to a high-profile release at New York’s high-end Dominique Ansel Bakery. Folks wait in line for hours in order to snag one, and they certainly sound delicious. They’re not just tasty, though: they’re the most popular food item in New York (and most of the country) right now, and are certainly cutting edge. $5.00.

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