Cutting simple triangle eyes and box-shaped teeth will no longer give you the coolest pumpkin design on the block.

Pumpkins are increasingly used as an artistic medium these days — and unlike a canvas, this medium has layers and dimensions and can be positioned in countless ways.

Arizona-based Villafane Studios elevates pumpkin art by carving intricate designs into the fruit. From clown pumpkins to the Cheshire cat, Villafane created some unbelievable pumpkin art this year. Ray Villafane, founder of the sculpting studio, has won titles on the Food Network for his pumpkin sculptures. He has also been invited all over the world, including to the White House, to share his art.

These pumpkins truly redefine food art and pave the way for creativity this season. Take inspiration from the carvings and try to create something of your own that will impress everyone on your block. Throw a pumpkin carving party to get your family and friends involved. Host a contest to see whose pumpkin fits in the best with Villafane Studios’ creations. 

Though your pumpkins may not be on the studio’s level, if you start thinking of pumpkin carving as an art you may surprise yourself.

1. Creepy Crawler


(Villafane Studios)

This zombie crawler is a sure way to scare the pants off your neighbors. We love the lit-up pumpkin that sits behind this skeleton. Sip your zombie bite cocktail and watch as the neighbors stare in awe at this uncommonly frightening lawn decoration.

2. Pumpkins on Pumpkins


(Villafane Studios)

Get creative with your Halloween decorating and make this hilarious pumpkin carving a pumpkin. Carve a knife in one hand and a stem in the other and your pumpkin will look perfect.

3. Clowning Around


(Villafane Studios)

Painting a frightening clown face to enhance your pumpkin carving is a cool way design something unusual. If you’re a painter, use this medium to create your creepy pumpkin creature.

4. Skeleton Madness


(Villafane Studios)

We love that this skeleton face extends from the pumpkin. If you want to make your pumpkins look alive, try carving your them in 3D to give them that extra something at your haunted house.

5. Pumpkin Got Your Tongue?


(Villafane Studios)

This little pumpkin looks like he’s up to no good. Hopefully this Halloween, your trick-or-treaters won’t resemble this pumpkin as they make off with your candy.

6. Oh Gourd


(Villafane Studios)

Stuffed to the brim? This guy looks like all of us post-Thanksgiving dinner. Use the guts to put in the mouth of your pumpkin and roast the pumpkin seeds in order to use the whole pumpkin.

7. Gotcha!


(Villafane Studios)

Watch out for this grabby guy on your Halloween table. This skeleton arm looks like it’s reaching right into the pumpkin to get some of its yummy,  pumpkin goodness.

Check out more amazing carved pumpkins for Halloween inspiration. 

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