Last year supergreens were all the rage, but this year we're thinking a little smaller -- we're thinking superseeds. Never have such tiny foods packed such a nutritious punch. Superseeds (like flax, chia, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds) are chock full of dietary fiber, protein, iron, and healthy fats, so why wouldnt you sprinkle them on everything? You've probably seen them in your favorite energy bar or granola, but these little guys are versatile enough to go on smoothies, salads, and even desserts.

1. Hemp Seeds

chia and other healthy seeds

chia, hemp, flax and pumpkin - healthy seeds in small wooden bowls (iStock)

This super seed mix features hemp, fennel, sesame, chia, AND pumpkin seeds. Add it to yogurt, smoothies, salads, or sprinkle it on muffins or other baked goods before baking for added crunch.

2. Pumpkin Seeds



You can snack on this savory, spicy, and nutritious mix all day, but leftovers make a delicious topping for soups, roasted vegetables, or even hot cereals.

3. Chia Seeds

Raspberry and Chia Seed Beverage

Organic Raspberry and Chia Seed Beverage against a background (iStock)

Chia seeds transform into a gel-like substance after they've been soaked. Soaking them helps break them down so you can reap the full nutritional benefits and also helps to thicken up the smoothie a bit, so don't skip this step.

4. Sunflower Seeds



Forget the shelled snack for spitting out at a truck stop. Sunflower seeds are versatile snack and salad addition that are packed with Vitamins E, Copper and more.

See more superseeds you should incorporate into your diet this year.

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