SEE IT: California Doughnut Shop Now Offering 'Poop Emoji' Doughnuts

So it's come to this, has it?

A California bakery called Doughnut Parlor has started making doughnuts in the shape of poop emojis, mostly because they appeal to millennials, but also because the Doughnut Parlor has no qualms about likening its offerings to feces.

The crazy thing is, the doughnuts are a hit. According to Doughnut Parlor owner Adam Vaun, the Poop Emoji doughnut has become his best-selling doughnut since debuting a few months ago at DK's Donuts, the Doughnut Parlor's sister store.

"It’s become our most popular doughnut," Vaun told the O.C. Register.

Then again, we can't say we're surprised by the item's popularity. Featuring a swirl of chocolate buttercream icing and edible candy eyes, the Poop Emoji doughnut is probably the most eye-catching doughnut we've ever seen (even if it isn't the most appetizing), and the shop's solid Yelp rating (4½ stars) suggests that Vaun isn't in the business of making crappy sweets.

Take a closer look at the Poop Emoji doughnut below, then try one for yourself the next time you're in Rancho Santa Margarita. (Or, y'know, you can just order a s'mores doughnut or a red velvet doughnut if poop-shaped foods aren't your thing.)