This Valentine's Day, impress your lover with a fancy cocktail, even if you don't consider yourself a mixologist.

Thanks to the National Bartenders School and some premium liquor companies, you can skip the crowds and make tasty beverages together at home. And if you are concerned that your bartending skills will put a damper on an otherwise lovely evening, simply follow these three tips from Scott Lundbergh, the owner of a National Bartenders School in Sherman Oaks, Calif.:

1. Always use good quality ingredients. You get the best when you use the best.

2. For romance always think chocolate and champagne.

3. Remember that most drinks are created by accident. So have fun experimenting with your valentine.

Feeling more confident? Light some candles, break out the champagne and martini glasses and try some of these seductive drinks.

Click here for the slideshow of Valentine's Day cocktails