Valentine's Day cocktails

Set the mood this Valentine's Day with one of these romantic drinks.


St. Skinny Valentine:

This low-calorie cocktail is a light and refreshing way to start off your evening. 

Recipe: St. Skinny Valentine


cupids arrow.jpg

Cupid's Arrow: 

Enjoy this simple champagne drink even if you have already fallen in love without Cupid's help. 

Recipe: Cupid's Arrow

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TY_KU_Blushing_Date smaller.jpg

Blushing Date:

This fun and flirty cocktail made with TY KU Soju, raspberry liqueur, pink grapefruit juice and grenadine may cause you to reminisce with your significant other about your first date.

Recipe: Blushing Date


midnight lover.jpg

Midnight Lover: 

Skip the chocolates and sip this sinfully delicious drink for dessert instead.  

Recipe: Midnight Lover 

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french kiss iced tea.jpg

French Kiss Iced Tea: 

The Long Island Iced Tea has been given a Valentine's Day makeover.  

Recipe: French Kiss Iced Tea


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TY_KU_Ladies_Night smaller.jpg

Ladies Night: 

This drink is the perfect addition to any Singles Awareness Day celebration.  

Recipe: Ladies Night



Asian_Kiss smaller.jpg

Asian Kiss: 

This exotic drink mixes coconut sake and elderflower liqueur to create an unforgettable cocktail.  

Recipe: Asian Kiss 



whiskey kiss.jpg

Whiskey Kiss: 

This sweet kiss also packs a naughty bite. 

Recipe: Whiskey Kiss 

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Grand Cerise surprise smaller.jpg

Grand Cerise Surprise:

Share this charming and creamy cherry cocktail with someone you love this Valentine’s Day.

Recipe: Grand Cerise Surprise

Grand Marnier

KAPPA KISS smaller 2.jpg

Kappa Kiss:

You’ll never guess the secret ingredient in this romantic drink.

Recipe: Kappa Kiss 



passion martini.jpg

Passion Martini:

Tropical flavors meet smooth vodka in this passionate concoction.   

Recipe: Passion Martini

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rassberry chocolate kiss.jpg

Raspberry Chocolate Kiss Martini: 

Sweet chocolate and tangy raspberry make the perfect couple. Don't believe us? Try this drink and see for yourself.  

Recipe: Raspberry Chocolate Kiss Martini

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Valentine's Day cocktails

Set the mood this Valentine's Day with one of these romantic drinks.

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