Restaurant requires costumers to solve complex math equation to get Wi-Fi

A San Antonio Thai restaurant, Yaya, will let you use its Wi-Fi for free-- but only if you can solve this insanely complex math equation.

Reddit user “Joshua_Glock” posted a picture of the restaurant’s handwritten Wi-Fi equation this past weekend, but no one has been able to connect to the network yet, First We Feast reported.

The Reddit community has been in a frenzy trying to solve the equation.

“This looks a lot like a summation of a binomial probability density function,” one Reddit user wrote. “I strongly doubt the divider between N/m should even be there.”

After receiving more than 400 comments, Reddit user “Joshua_Glock” claimed to have revisited the restaurant again and again to test out new suggestions.

This isn’t the first time a restaurant has stumped its customers with a math equation.

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