RANKED: The Healthiest and Unhealthiest Fast Food Cheeseburgers

Who doesn't love a good burger on National Burger Day?

Before we go any further, we already know there's a little controversy over when National Burger Day is observed, with some sites saying it's in late May and others in late July. But regardless of the exact date, one thing is for sure: nothing beats a good burger any day of the year.

In celebration, we've ranked 10 of our favorite fast food cheeseburger offerings from healthiest to unhealthiest (based on total calories). And while all these burgers are certainly delicious, their rankings may surprise you.

Check out the list below, then chow down on your favorite healthy/unhealthy burger anyway:

#1. Checkers and Rally's Cheesechamp: 430 calories

Located in 28 states, Checkers and Rally's restaurants serve up the cheesechamp, which ranks as maybe the healthiest fast food burger.

#2. Hardee's Thick Cheeseburger ¼ pounder: 450 calories

This fast food restaurant is mostly located in the Southern and Midwestern states. Though not nation-wide, this chain is still very popular.

#3. Dairy Queen: Cheesegrillburger ¼ pounder: 540 calories

They may be known for their ice cream, but their burgers seem pretty good too.

#4. McDonald's Cheeseburger ¼ pounder: 540 calories

It's McDonalds. I'm lovin' it.

#5. Five Guys "Little" Cheeseburger (around ¼ pound): 550 calories 

Although it's not exactly little, it looks yummy to us.

#6. Wendy's Cheeseburger ¼ pounder: 570 calories

We've officially reached the unhealthier half of our list, but sometimes we just gotta have Wendy's.

#7. Whataburger Cheeseburger: 590 calories

We always thought Texas was known for its BBQ, but apparently it's also known for its Whataburgers.

#8. Burger King Cheeseburger ¼ pounder: 630 calories

Burger King literally has the word "burger" in its name, so even if it's not so healthy, it's probably still delicious.

#9. Sonic Cheeseburger ¼ pounder: 710 calories

It's a little strange that the employees rollerblade to your car, but we'll play along for that burger.

#10. Nathan's Cheeseburger: 750 calories (about ¼ pound)

We usually associate Nathan's with hot dogs — but their burgers look pretty boss, too.