Tonight’s second debate between President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney is the perfect excuse to drink. Presidential debate drinking games from all corners of the Internet are making the debates more interesting for legal-drinking-aged Americans across the political spectrum. Here is a brief roundup of revamped rules.  Please drink responsibly --if you're going for the alcoholic beverage. Don’t take these games too seriously, and remember that you (probably) have to go to work in the morning. Cheers!

DebateDrinking.com has a great multifaceted setup. You pick whether you are drinking to Obama or Romney (although this does not have to reflect your voting plans).  Take a sip every time your candidate says one of the buzz words, which include “middle class,” “nuclear” and “let me be clear” for Obama and “unemployment,” “small business” and “China” for Romney. Can’t keep up? DebateDrinking.com is keeping score on Twitter. Not drinking enough? Additional rules include taking one drink for each number on your candidate’s multistep plan.  

The National Journal
The National Journal’s drinking game rules for the one-and-only presidential townhall debate around are broken down into three categories: one, two and three drink events. The three drink events are intentionally absurd, like “Obama sends in Biden to debate Romney in his place.” Two drink events, like an unemployed person asking either candidate a question, are likely to occur. Pay special attention to the one drink events.

Cloture Club 
The rules for Washington D.C.-centric ClotureClub.com’s second round of presidential debate drinking are enjoyably simple: drink every time either of the candidates says things like “unemployment” or “education.” Check out the list of drinking words here.

If you still live the life of a frat boy, or actually still are a frat boy, what better place to get your debate drinking game rules is there than BroBible? This one definitely isn’t for everyone, but those who want to engage in a rowdy “U-S-A” chant and then shotgun a beer if either candidate mentions programs for veterans should look no further.

If you happen to be in D.C. and are looking for patriotic places to watch the debate, check out our slideshow of election-inspired food and drink specials in the capital.

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