Oreos are America's most popular cookie.  Who doesn't like twisting them to separate the chocolate biscuit from the delicious creme filling?

Well apparently, Portland physicist and copywriter David Neevel. He's a fan, but he only likes the cookie part and manually separating the parts is too tiresome, so he created a machine to do it for him.

In a YouTube video, he says that the hatchet-wielding robot, which he's been working on for ".04 years" in the Mad Dog Garage is entirely based on the "dislike for creme and preference for cookie."

All he had to do was get around the niggling challenge of creating a robot to get his Oreos sans creme. An arm grabs the cookie and places it on a panel that turns it sideways. A small hatchet then cuts through the creme, leaving both pieces of cookie separated.

“I don’t have a catch phrase for my machine, but I guess if it did have one, it could be like ‘Let’s get that creme out of there’ or ‘This creme is no good. Get it off the cookies,’” says Neevel.

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The invention is reportedly part of Oreo's "Cookies vs. Creme" campaign.  Another inventor's concept is expected soon--so stay tuned.