Pedialyte now marketing to hungover adults

If you’ve ever used Pedialyte to aid in the recovery process after a hard night of drinking, you’re not alone.

And now Pedialyte, the drinkable, re-hydrating cure-all mom used to make you sip when you were sick, is marketing to adults in its new campaign #seethelyte. Many of the new ads feature men and women looking worse for wear, desperate for some type of relief. Pedialyte is there to save the day. One even reads, “When last night's party threatens to ruin today, those in the know reach for Pedialyte."


According to Nielsen, adult usage of Pedialyte has increased by 57 percent since 2012 so it makes sense that the child-focused brand would shift gears to this lucrative new market. After all, who wouldn’t want an instant hangover cure-all?

But is it safe for adults to chug Pedialyte like toddlers?

“Both glucose and fructose contained in Pedialyte can help both children and adults reabsorb water along with depleted electrolytes, and thus aid in rehydration,” says Dr. Robert Glatter, Attending Emergency Room Physician at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

“It may also offer benefit to those who have experienced symptoms of a hangover associated with vomiting and dehydration, since it may help aid in replacement of needed fluid and important electrolytes.”

Glatter says that in recommended doses, Pedialyte is definitely safe for people of all ages without any serious medical conditions, plus it also contains less sugar than similar re-hydration solutions like Gatorade.

But with the high amounts of sodium and potassium, “those persons with a history of high blood pressure or kidney problems should be aware of this and be careful not to consume excessive amounts,” Glatter cautions.

In addition to its traditional liquid formula, Pedialyte has started making individual on-the-go powder packs,  more convenient—and less obvious—then toting around a giant jug with a lovey and Teddy bear.