Oscar-inspired cocktails to enjoy during the 2015 Academy Awards

Don't splurge on a mixologist for your Academy Awards party this year. We've got you covered with 13 delicious Oscar-inspired cocktails that deserve an award of their own.

1. The Selma 65

The Selma 65 is the perfect bubbly concoction to toast Director Ava DuVernay’s Oscar-nominated "Selma," set in 1965, for any viewing bash.

Recipe: The Selma 65

2. A Brief History of Thyme

(Peter Schafrick Photography Inc.)

Inspired by "The Theory of Everything," a nod to Stephen Hawking’s book, this “thymeless" cocktail defies all odds of greatness as the brilliant physicist did himself.

Recipe: A Brief History of Thyme

3. The Sondheim Sour

The Sondheim Sour offers the perfect cocktail to honor the talented "Into the Woods" composer, Stephen Sondheim.

Recipe: The Sondheim Sour

4. The Moore Ginger Fizz

A nod to Best Actress nominee Julianne Moore’s flowing red locks.

Recipe: The Moore Ginger Fizz

5. The Jazzy Hour

Feel the jazzy beat move from your ears to your lips with this lively libation inspired by "Whiplash."

Recipe: The Jazzy Hour

6. The Swinton Swizzle

Named for the leading lady in Wes Anderson’s Oscar-nominated film "The Grand Budapest Hotel."

Recipe: The Swinton Swizzle

7. The Man Behind the Mask

This cocktail is inspired by the dark, yet resilient super hero of "Birdman."

Recipe: The Man Behind the Mask

8. The Chrisopher

A beautiful balance of gin and vermouth, this cocktail is inspired by the wits of the British heroes of the Oscar-nominated film "The Imitation Game."

Recipe: The Christopher

9. The Patriot

(Stoli/Jennifer Mitchell Photography)

This spicy twist on sweet tea is inspired by "American Sniper."

Recipe: The Patriot

10. The Disappearing Act

(Stoli/Jennifer Mitchell Photography)

This cocktail is so delicious it will disappear before you can watch Rosamund Pike in "Gone Girl."

Recipe: The Disappearing Act

11. The Backpacker

(Stoli/Jennifer Mitchell Photography)

Enjoy this refreshing summer-inspired cocktail while watching Reese Witherspoon backpack across the dusty Pacific Crest Trail in "Wild."

Recipe: The Backpacker

12. Crack the Code

(Stoli/Jennifer Mitchell Photography)

This cocktail has enough caffeine to help you crack your own code just like in the Oscar-nominated film "The Imitation Game."

Recipe: Crack the Code

13. The Mason Mule

(Stoli/Jennifer Mitchell Photography)

This cocktail was inspired by the main character, Mason, in "Boyhood."

Recipe: The Mason Mule