Everyday is Halloween for U.K.-based cake curator Emma Thomas --aka Miss Cakehead.

Part cake maker extraordinare, part performance artist known for outlandish food campaigns, her macabre, yet fanciful cake art includes such stomach-churning treats such as STD cupcakes, edible body parts and maggot topped sweets.

Her latest exhibition was an edible autopsy of the mythical sea creature, the Kraken, staged off the coast of North Kent, England this week. In celebration of  Kraken Black Spiced Rum, visitors boarded a ship and were treated to the "remains" of the Kraken --which legend holds roamed the seas around Norway and Greenland.

The eye-popping spread included a giant Kraken eye (white chocolate filled with the Kraken rum and black eggs as pupils), Kraken cysts (black pickled onions), and an entire Kraken mouth (Kraken rum cake with over 200 white chocolate teeth) --all perfectly edible.

What's left of the Kraken corpse will go on show at Feed The Beast, an extreme pop up cake shop opening in London next week.

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