Noddle soup company offers Kab-U-To work hangover taxi service

Is the holiday party season getting a little too much?

London's Kabuto Noodles has the solution.  The instant noddle company has a new hangover taxi called "Kab-U-To Work," for those who didn't have the good sense to go home early enough to sleep off the booze.

The clever London-wide car service picks up customers from home carrying an array of headache cures, including orange juice, medicines, sunglasses, breathe mints and a delicious bowl of Kabuto's hot noodle soup, and taxis them to work. The driver will even play soothing music.  Sure beats the London Tube, almost unbearable without a hangover.

And best of all the taxi service is free--at least during the trail period in the lead up to Chistmas.

Why noddles?

"We have seen a huge response online from noodle fans eating Kabuto, stating it's their favorite hangover cure," Crispin Busk, founder of Kabuto Noodles said. "We wanted to take this a little bit further and provide the ultimate hangover service."

And I am sure get a bit of good press.  Either way, it's a pretty cool idea.