New York City subway riders get a surprise pizza party

A lucky group of subway passengers received on unexpected treat on a recent ride through New York City.

In a video posted to YouTube on April 14, comedy troop Improv Everywhere staged a fake pizza delivery for a group of “well-behaved” train car riders. A member of the group dressed in a suit and tie address the train of unsuspecting passengers and introduces himself as an MTA agent.

“It is my honor to announce that this subway car has been recognized officially as the most courteous subway car in the entire New York City subway system,” the fake employee, played by Ryan Karels says to the train.

Citing good subway behavior like picking up trash and low incidents of “manspreading”—when public transit riders spread their legs to block others from sitting—Karels says the car will be receiving a special treat.

At first the subway riders appear uninterested but perk up at the word “pizza party.” At the next stop, a group “delivery men” enter the car with box after box of pizza and hand out slices to car passengers.

Improv Everywhere didn’t just stop with the pie. They brought along toppings like extra parmesan cheese and chili flakes. By the time the train makes another stop, most passengers are clearly excited by the surprise pizza party and Karels welcomes even more people to join.

A fake news person soon arrives on the scene to interview the mobile pizza party eaters.

“I appreciate that,” says one traveler with a slice of free pizza. “I’ve been spending a lot of money on metro cards, so thank you.”

At least Improv Everywhere was able to put a smile on a few unsuspecting riders’ facers but we wouldn’t recommend taking food from a stranger on New York City subway car.