Who could forget the disturbing pictures of pink slime used in fast food that surfaced a few years ago?

Although McDonald's Chicken McNuggets are typically cited as one of the foods made with meat treated with ammonium hydroxide --aka pink slime -- McDonald's says that since 2003 they're  made with all USDA-inspected white meat.

Still, the fast food giant battles with this image problem.

To help, McDonald’s Canada released a new behind-the-scenes video last week showing how McNuggets are made to help convince diners McNuggets are just what they claim to be: chicken.

"Our latest videos aim to combat the misinformation and tell the truth about this iconic product – that Chicken McNuggets are made from chicken breast, a few seasonings, along with a natural proportion skin, used both for flavour and as a binder," McDonald's Canada spokeswoman Gema Rayo told FoxNews.com.

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Viewers get a look inside the Cargill plant in Ontario to see the process, which starts with real chickens that are butchered and mixed with seasoning and chicken skin.  Then, it's on to be shaped.  Who knew that McNuggets come in four distinct patterns: bell, ball, bow tie and the boot?

The video has been viewed almost 2 million times on YouTube, not surprising, considering America's fascination with chicken nuggets.

But the kid-friendly fast food continues to be the brunt of jokes and the target of nutritionists who warn against its high-sodium content and other ingredients.  In October, Mississippi researchers found that chicken nuggets (they didn't disclose if McNuggets were part of the sample) contain bone and organ parts.

While these crispy fritters are unlikely to be held up as the epitome for healthy eating time soon, the reality of what's in McNuggets is a far cry from other-worldly slime.

If you’re curious about what really makes it in your chicken McNuggets, check out the video below to learn more.