Millennials are using avocados to propose

Once you’ve gotten into “proposal shape” and hired a photographer, it’s time to make a Whole Foods run.

The latest way to pop the question is by opening up not a jewelry box, but a halved and pitted ripe avocado containing a diamond ring, reports the Web site Extra Crispy.

Last week, the Instagram account @fooddeco shared a picture of an avo-proposal. It’s since racked up over 10,000 likes. The account @mindful__af shared a similar picture in December, which also garnered interest.

Want to try it for yourself? Make it snappy.

In an #avocadoproposal photo one proud fiancée shared on Instagram, the fruit’s green flesh had faded to brown in patches. If a guy can’t keep an avocado from decay (stick it in a sealed plastic bag along with the pit), what does that say about the relationship?

This article originally appeared on the New York Post.