McDonald’s Canada to start selling bottles of Big Mac, Filet-o-Fish and McChicken sauce

If you weren’t lucky enough to nab a limited-edition bottle of Big Mac sauce when McDonald’s was giving them away in January, don’t fret. You can still get yourself a bottle — but only if you feel like driving to Canada.

McDonald’s Canada announced earlier this week that they will soon be offering bottled versions of their famous Big Mac sauce in Canadian grocery stores. In addition, the company is also planning to launch bottled versions of the sauces they use on their Filet-O-Fish and McChicken sandwiches — or as they’re known in parts of Canada, “Filet des Poissons” and “MacPoulet.”


"With this launch, Canadians will now be able to experience the world famous sauces they love at home," said McDonald’s Canada spokesman Adam Grachnik in a company statement. 

The company also confirmed on social media that the sauces will be available starting sometime in the spring.

According to Foodology food blogger Diana Chan, who first spotted the bottled sauces at the Grocery & Specialty Food West Convention in Vancouver, McDonald’s Canada is working with Heinz/Kraft to produce the new sauces. Chan wasn’t able to taste them — the three sauces were locked in a display case — but representatives told her the sauces taste “very identical” to those used in McDonald’s sandwiches.

The McDonald’s Canada representatives also would not confirm whether the sauces will ever appear in American markets.

America’s fervor over bottled Big Mac sauce began in January, after the company announced they would be giving away 10,000 bottles in a stealthy promotion that required patrons to utter a secret phrase — “There’s a Big Mac for that” — in order to obtain one. But those bottles were only available on Jan. 26-- and only in select locations throughout the country.


Some who were able to secure a bottle later tried to capitalize on the excitement by re-selling the sauce online. One especially hopeful eBay user even set a price of $100,000 for his limited-edition bottle.

Pretty soon, however, special-sauce enthusiasts in the U.S. only need to pop over the Canadian border for a bottle.

Or, you know, they could make their own Big Mac sauce according to McDonald’s readily available online recipe: