Martha Stewart got salmonella from touching too many Thanksgiving turkeys

Martha Stewart got salmonella, a common form of food poisoning, after handing too many Thanksgiving turkeys this year, reports the New York Post.

Stewart, who had to cancel meetings and appearances in late November, told the Post that the food-borne illness was a doozy, and that she was “in bed for days.”

“I never get sick, but I came down with salmonella,” she said. “I think I caught it because I was handling so many turkeys around Thanksgiving. I was on the ‘Today’ show, I did a number of other [Thanksgiving] appearances.”

Salmonella, an infection caused by bacteria whose symptoms usually include fever, diarrhea and abdominal cramps, can be a very serious, but the domestic diva reassured the Post that she has made a complete recovery. And that there was even a sliver of a silver lining.

“I lost some weight,” Stewart said.