Martha Stewart may be the reigning queen of all things domestic, but after a quick perusal of her personal food pictures, it may be time for her to abdicate the throne.

For someone who has built an aspirational brand of homemade pursuits, Stewart’s food photography is more reminiscent of her time in prison than the cuisine of a culinary icon.

One of her most recent postings about an iceberg wedge looks like something we wouldn’t even feed our dog:

Perhaps with proper lighting and a quick lesson in iPhone photography this nightmare could be avoided. Seriously, Martha, the public expects more from someone who gathers her own eggs every morning.

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Her Twitter followers were quick to pick up on this less than appetizing display commenting, "Are you drunk?" and "that's the most hideous thing i've ever seen." One follower couldn't believe it was actually Stewart's account.

Even when dining out, Stewart somehow fails to make even the most luxurious of dishes look remotely edible.

And then there's this blurry masterpiece:

We recognize its difficult to take pictures in adverse circumstances but super-human Stewart should be able to at least match the work of amateur food photogs. The controversial entrepreneur has taken note of the reaction to her pics. "There seems to be some buzz about my food pics" she said. "Actually the onion soup was utterly delicious and the ice berg wedge divine."

A bit defensive, Martha? A quick look through her Twitter feed reveals an uncharacteristic display of unappetizing delights. It looks like the Internet has uncovered one thing this-mega mogul can not do.