Man's 'appletarian' prank fools friends, results in intervention

An apple a day may keep more than the doctor away.

A man who pretended to be an “appletarian” – that is, he pretended to eat only apples, or products derived from apples like apple juice and cider – as part of a prank has allegedly ended up losing his girlfriend and several of his pals because of it.

The anonymous dieter wrote about his alleged act on Reddit’s popular “Am I the A--H---“ forum, seeking feedback on if he went too far with his gag.

The poster claimed he hatched the idea a few weeks before carrying it out.

“I told them all that I had read on the internet that eating only apples was the healthiest thing for you. When I first told them they thought I was joking, but they underestimated how committed I would be to a joke. So, whenever in the presence of one of my friends (or friend-of-friends/coworkers/etc who knew them) I was very careful to only be seen eating apples or drinking apple juice/cider,” the post read.


The poster said it took “about a week” before his friends began to believe his was an “Appletarian.”

“They started giving me information about how unhealthy it was to only eat apples, and growing increasingly exasperated by it. Some of them even got angry,” the post continued.

The unnamed prankster continued with the joke for three weeks — prompting his friends to take action.

“Finally, after the end of 3 weeks, I walked into what I was told was a movie night but was actually an intervention for me,” the post read.

“They were all super concerned about my well being and had all sorts of information or whatever. Finally I started laughing hysterically. They were confused as hell so I told them I had been faking it the whole time and had been eating real meals outside their knowledge. I even took out some beef jerky from my pant pocket to prove it and munched it.”


The joke seemed to backfire as the poster wrote his friends were “actually really annoyed” by the confession. He also admitted that his girlfriend broke up with him, claiming he ruined their date night and “embarrassed her for a dumb joke” after allegedly telling the waiter he only wanted apples for dinner.

Though those on the Reddit forum seemed to find the joke much funnier than his friends – or now-ex-girlfriend did – and dubbed him “Not an a--h---.”

“I feel like your girlfriend over-reacted but maybe in the future, include girlfriend in said prank,” one wrote.

“Yeah, I thought it was funny while I thought OP was a school aged child. When he mentioned co-workers, I thought he was deranged. The result is funny, that they staged an intervention, but he could have included his SO in the joke so as not to cause an embarrassing situation in public for her,” another wrote.


“That level of commitment is on par with the method acting of Daniel Day Lewis. Thanks for the late night laugh,” one commented.

There were some that felt the poster went too far with the gag.

“He played with their emotions for three weeks, and he didn't even give them a laugh for their trouble,” one person commented.

“Yall calling it silly. He had to deceive and inconvenience her for three weeks straight so he could have an inside joke with himself,” another against the joke wrote.

One had trouble understanding the prank in the first place.

“How is it funny. You tell people you only eat apples but actually you didn't, haha?”

Either way, it doesn’t seem that “appletarian” is going to be the next big diet.