Make Doritos Locos taco shells at home with new Old El Paso kit

Fans of Doritos Locos Tacos will no longer have to leave home to get their fix of crunchy, nacho cheese-dusted taco shells.

Old El Paso is releasing a revamped version of a flavored taco shell product it used to sell.  Called Bold Nacho Cheese Flavored Taco Shells, they will hit shelves this August—and just like the Taco Bell mashup sensation, these shells will be “blasted” with flavor, according to Bloomberg News.

“We took a more topical approach,” Rob Clements, research and development manager for Old El Paso told Bloomberg. With the success of Doritos Locos tacos, Old El Paso saw an opportunity to upgrade on a similar product they used to sell but was scraped as too futuristic for consumers.

In 2006, El Paso released a taco shell called Stand ‘N Stuff tacos in salsa and nacho flavors, where the seasoning was baked into the shell instead of sprayed on—a crucial difference for any finger-licking Doritos fan. The new version lets customers lick the cheese dust.

The company says it is also using more cheese in these taco shells—a combination of cheddar and blue cheeses, that Clements told Bloomberg was determined by consumers as “nacho” tasting.

This isn't the first time we've heard about someone beating Taco Bell to the flavored taco shell punch. A group of former interns who worked for the taco chain claimed they came up with the idea for a Doritos taco shell in the mid 1990s.

Back then, Taco Bell rejected the idea -- proving that some people are just ahead of their time.