Little Kids Try International Christmas Foods for the First Time, Freak Out

Every region of the world has its own tasty culinary traditions, and that's especially true around the holidays. In New Zealand, for example, they might serve grilled prawns and pavlova on Christmas, while in Japan, they'd prefer a bucket of KFC.

But in America? Well, America's favorite culinary tradition involves feeding the aforementioned foods to cute little kids, and then watching them pass judgement.

In the 10th and 11th installments of their YouTube series "American Kids Try" (see above and below), the folks at WatchCut prepared traditional Christmas fare from around the world (or bought it from KFC) and allowed several children to sample each entree. Needless to say, their reactions were almost too adorable for words.

Watch the clips above to find out how they enjoyed their prawns, pork, and Original Recipe chicken, then call your local KFC and see if they're open on Christmas. (That's what everybody wants, anyway.)