Life hacks expert suggests eating hamburgers upside down

Take a moment to digest this groundbreaking news - you've been eating burgers all wrong.

That's right. If you wondered why you always struggle to get through a Big Mac without blobs of ketchup or rogue lettuce leaves dropping into your lap, there's a perfectly simple explanation.

You're just not eating it right.

According to life hacks expert Grant Thompson - who likes to be known as the King of Random - the best way to eat your burger is upside down.


And before you start doing handstands and giving yourselves indigestion, we're not talking about you, we're talking about the burger.

See, usually the top part of a hamburger bun is wider, thicker and sturdier than the bottom half - plus it has less to contend with as it sits on top of the filling rather than underneath it all.

With particularly saucy burgers, the bottom half of the bun can end up getting soggy and falling apart, having soaked up all the juicy goodness.

If you turn it upside down, your filling will start to soak into the top half of the bun rather than out the sides, making it much less likely you'll suffer any unwanted spillages.

The flip also means your lettuce will now be at the bottom of the burger, transforming it into a barrier for dripping juices.Plu

s the soaked bottom part of the bun will be on the top, meaning it won't break up mid-munch and fall into your lap. Genius.


One Reddit user also believes eating a burger upside down improves the taste.

They explained: "As one bites down on a hamburger their tongue touches the burger from the bottom, meaning that toppings are easier to taste when a hamburger is upside down.

"The tongue will come into contact with the toppings just before the patty, which is the ideal circumstance."

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