Las Vegas' drunken desserts

Drinking at a bar or club in Las Vegas is so old school --at least that's what two companies hope will be the latest Sin City trend.  SnoBar and Sin City Cupcakes are serving up sweets that pack a serious punch.

Alcohol-infused ice pops and ice cream will be served poolside at select Caesars and MGM properties throughout Las Vegas, as well as at local liquor stores and supermarkets, thanks to SnoBar.

"It's hot, there's beautiful people, and SnoBar fits right in," said Shannon Masjedi, co-founder of SnoBar.

SnoBar, which is also sold in select liquor stores throughout Arizona, offers flavors such as margarita and Cosmopolitan-inspired popsicles, and alcohol-infused ice creams with Brandy and Amaretto.

Just like with any alcoholic beverage, it's best to consume the ice cream in moderation.

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"Remember, there's a full cocktail in every serving of SnoBar," said Masjedi. "A couple of ice pops and you're definitely feeling it."

But if ice cream isn't your thing, no need to worry. Alcohol-infused cupcakes are an online order away with Sin City Cupcakes.

"The fun thing about Sin City Cupcakes is we base everything off of flirty, sexy cocktails," said Dannielle, co-founder of Sin City Cupcakes.

Some of those flirty cupcake flavors include the "No Limit Lemon Drop," a vodka cake injected with a tasty vanilla lemon vodka filling; "Margarita Madness," described as a white lime tequila cake with a vanilla margarita filling; and the popular "Chocolate Wasted," a moist chocolate vodka cake with a chocolate vodka filling.

As far as getting a buzz from the cupcakes, we're told you'd have to consume at least six of them before feeling any effects of the alcohol.

"Our cupcakes are really unique because unlike other alcohol-infused cupcakes, we don't directly bake the alcohol into the cake," said Lisa, co-founder of the cupcake company. "We bake the cake first, core out the center of the cupcake, and then it's filled depending on the flavor."

From popsicles to cupcakes, the drinking experience in Vegas just got a whole lot sweeter.