Chicken wing cupcakes

Along with the guacamole and beer, how about some Super Bowl dessert?

Coccadotts, a bakery near Albany New York, is now selling a chicken wing cupcake reports MyFoxBoston. The cupcake is a cornbread base topped with a blue cheese frosting and an actual chicken wing on top.

The owner, Rachel Coca-Dott, says it took a few recipes to get it right, but they feel they found the right mix. "I was thinking about the Super Bowl.

What goes with the Super Bowl but chicken wings? And I said, 'Oh, a chicken wing cupcake, Rachel?' And I tried five or six recipes and the last recipe when I was ready to call it quits I think we kinda nailed it on it."

The unusual cupcakes have been posted online and the owner says orders are pouring in.