Kellogg’s to dump artificial ingredients from cereal by 2018

Amid declining sales and growing customer concern over processed foods, Kellogg’s has announced it will eliminate artificial ingredients from its products within the next three years.

Paul Norman, the president of Kellogg North America, announced the company's decision on Tuesday during a call with investors.

"We have been working to remove artificial colors and flavors across Kellogg's branded cereals and a variety of Kellogg's branded snack bars as well as Eggo frozen foods," Norman said in a transcript released from the call. "Our goal is to complete this transition by the end of 2018."

Norman told call attendees that half of all cereals, which include the Kashi brand, currently contain no artificial flavors and 75 percent are made without artificial colorants.

Recent changes include releasing reduced sugar versions of popular cereals like Froot Loops and Apple Jacks. Kellogg’s also launched its new Origins line, with mueslis and granolas that contain fewer preservatives and organic ingredients.

The cereal company is the latest in a wave of food producers to announce plans to remove artificial ingredients, preservatives and color additives from products including Panera, General Mills, Taco Bell and more.