Girls just want equality.

Eight-year-old Dalilah Lee from Australia started a petition to get Kellogg’s to change their sexist branding.

After noticing the company only featured pictures of boys “doing something awesome” on the Nutri-Grain cereal boxes, she decided to do something about it.

“Why can’t girls be on the back?” Lee wrote in a letter to Kellogg’s in May. “Can this please stop, it’s not fair. Girls can do something awesome too…Please fix this.”

Lee’s mom, Annabelle, shared a photo of her daughter’s letter on Facebook, along with the company’s response.

Lee said she was "disappointed" by the company's response, so that's why she started the online petition. 

Lee said she was "disappointed" by the company's response, so that's why she started the online petition.  (Facebook/Anabelle Lee)


“I’m sorry you did not like this particular product. We very much appreciate your feedback and your comments will be forwarded to our product development team,” Nitin Raj, Kellogg’s Operations Manager wrote.

But Lee, who told The Sunday Project she was “very disappointed” with the reply, wasn’t going to stop until the company did something about her complaint. So she started a petition on to get others to join her in supporting the cause.

“I wrote a letter to Kellogg’s to get them to change it. They responded but said nothing about the problem. That’s why I have made this petition to get you to help me change it,” she wrote on her petition.

“Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain has only been putting boys on their boxes…doing amazing things like surfing on the biggest waves or skateboarding upside down. Girls can do that as well as boys.

“We don’t have to think one is better than the other. We are both humans…It is offending girls who can do amazing things too. It is stopping them from thinking that we are both equal.

“Kellogs should change their boxes because we are equal and they need to see that. They can change it by taking pictures of amazing things that women and men are both doing for the world,” Lee wrote.

Lee’s work finally paid off, after Kellogg’s announced Friday it would be making a change to the cereal boxes.


"Hearing Daliah's passion and, as a company that values diversity and inclusion, we've decided that we will update the pack imagery with images of both females and males... so that we can continue to inspire all Aussies no matter their gender," Kellogg's said in a statement to Ten Daily.

The changes are expected to be rolled out in 2019.

Lee doesn’t plan on quitting after this victory, however. She’s got big goals for the future: "I want to be Prime Minister," she told Ten Daily.