Ivanka Trump’s Memorial Day popsicle tweet criticized for being insensitive to veterans

Ivanka Trump’s popsicle idea is getting a chilly reception on Twitter.

On May 28, the people in charge of Ivanka Trump HQ — the official Twitter account of the First Daughter's lifestyle brand — suggested that its followers celebrate Memorial Day by making champagne popsicles. However, many of Ivanka’s critics found the idea to be a less-than-respectful way to honor American heroes.

The tweet was accompanied by a link to a Memorial Day-themed section of IvankaTrump.com, which also featured picnic ideas, grilling tips and playlist suggestions. But it was the recipe for champagne popsicles — which are not popsicles made from champagne, but rather popsicles served inside glasses of champagne — that really set people off.


In fact, as of Tuesday morning, the tweet has racked up more than 5,600 replies, many of which took Trump’s Twitter team to task for even suggesting such an idea, or for using the holiday as a “branding opportunity.”

The most retweeted and “liked” replies to Ivanka Trump HQ were also from the daughters of two deceased veterans.

The first, posted by a Twitter user named Persistent Woman, included a picture of what appears to be a young man during the Vietnam War, along with a caption reading, “Ivanka, this is my father. He served 6 tours in Vietnam and doesn’t give a f[---] about your champagne popsicles today.”

Helen Graves, the daughter of World War II veteran and author John Graves, then added that her father “did not take a grenade & lose an eye on Saipan for freaking champagne popsicles.”

And while the tweet did have its defenders — one called it a “fun idea” and another pointed out that it wasn’t Trump’s personal tweet, but rather a “tone deaf” tweet from her team — many more users responded with biting comments and jokes.


Ivanka Trump has yet to respond to the controversy, but, on May 29, she did post a Memorial Day message on her personal Twitter account.

“Today we honor the men & women in our armed forces who have lost their lives to protect our freedom. Thank you for your service,” wrote Trump, concluding her message with a #MemorialDay hashtag.