Shots of horse-semen have reportedly become a hit in New Zealand this month as the country celebrates its 14th annual Monteith's Beer and Wild Food Challenge.

Chef Jason Varley of  Wellington's Green Man Pub is topping his dish of seared Asian duck and paua spring rolls with a shot of Hoihoi tatea, better known in laymen's terms as horse semen. The drink was unveiled on June 3, and will only be served for a month during the festival, according to the pub's Facebook page.

Varley told The Dominion Post that the concoction was most popular amongst his lady customers and admits to having tried some himself, describing the taste as "like custard."

And he's not the first to serve it up, the newspaper reports that it previously appeared at the Hokitika Wild Foods Festival, and chef's pay around $15 per shot of the ingredient, which is legal to be sold for consumption as far as the New Zealand Food Standards Authority is concerned.

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