Despite the lovely display of appetizers and signature cocktails at your party, some guests have less-than-appreciative palates. No matter how many tantalizing treats you may create, the "grazers" at your party, the ones who constantly go between chatting and chewing, are scanning the food table for a treat they can take on the go. The go-to snack that transcends all preferences and tastes? The potato chip.

Simple in design and flavor, the plain salted potato chip has been a staple at parties since they were invented. Serving chips is as simple as opening a bag and pouring them into a wide bowl, so the potato chip is perfect for filling up that last-minute empty space on the serving table. And in fact, when they’re eaten at the recommended serving size, the popular junk food isn’t a completely terrible snack to get you through a few hours before a bigger meal. The unfortunate thing about potato chips is that practically no one can have just one, or even just one handful.

The addictive qualities in potato chips are not hard to understand. They are greasy, salty, and practically paper thin — so naturally we go back for seconds (or 15ths, but who is counting?). We get sucked into mindlessly eating them, even at parties, and before you know it, we’ve consumed half a day’s calories in chips alone. Don’t think it is possible? While many of the chips we examined seem to have the same calorie count at first glance, the number of chips in a serving size can drastically change your caloric intake. For instance, a serving of Ruffles, 12 chips, is equal 160 calories. But compare this to another brand like Lay’s, which allows you 15 chips for 160 calories, and it’s easy to see that not all chips are created equal.

But even so, grabbing three handfuls of them brings you nearly to 500 calories. And that is without the dip! So to help you partysmarter, we ranked a selection of potato chips from unhealthiest to healthiest so you can satisfy guests without compromising their health completely.

1. Ruffles


(Frito Lay)

More ridges, more calories? That is what is seems like with out worst chip offender on the list. Ruffles only allows chip lovers to snack on 12 chips per 160-calorie serving.

160 calories per serving (12 chips)

2. Lay’s


(Frito Lay)

Though the calories are the same (and still slightly scary), Lay’s chips give you three more chips per serving than it’s the worst offender on the list.

160 calories per serving (15 chips)

3. Kettle Brand


(Kettle Brand)

Shockingly, the Kettle Brand chip came in toward the bottom of our list due to its calorie-to-chip ratio. Just because this product boasts a "kettle cooked" cooking method does not mean it accounts for a healthier chip.

150 calories per serving (13 chips)

4. Wise


(Wise Snacks)

Slightly better, Wise chips come in at 150 calories per 16 chips. These greasy little chips don’t beat out many of it’s partners by much.

150 calories per serving (16 chips)

5. Pringles



Duck face with them as much as you like, but you may want to refrain from eating too many of them. At 150 calories per 16 chips, once you "pop" you may want the fun to stop...

150 calories per serving (16 chips)

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