Guinness beer flavored potato chips now available in US

When you think of eats for St. Patrick’s Day, it couldn't get more Irish than a cold, creamy pint of Guinness stout and potatoes.

Now Irish food lovers, no longer have to choose between the two thanks to Burts Potato Chips, a British Snack Food company.

Originally released in 2012 as a limited edition pub snack, the beer flavored chips have finally made their way across the pond just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.  (And if you're counting, in time for National Potato Chip Day, which was March 14.0

They come in two flavors: original Guinness and Rich Beef Chili—like a classic hearty stew from the old country.

We are able to snag a few bags of the original flavor for a serious taste. Burts is known for super crunchy, kettle-cooked chips and on that front, their Guinness variety does not disappoint.

The chips have an overall dark appearance, as if dusted with cocoa powder, that mirrors the dark frothiness of a traditional draft stout. They also have a malty, sweet smell, with a hint of chocolate, similar to the popular Irish stout. But that's where the similarities between beer and chip come to an end.

As for taste, those of us who weren’t super familiar with the taste of a classic Guinness really enjoyed the subtle smokiness of the chip. They’re not exactly sweet, but there’s definitely a malted-fermented taste in every bite.

True Guinness lovers in our office were a bit disappointed as the overall flavor profile doesn’t scream “beer.”

Yet, with the right crunchiness and adequate salt, even those who didn't love the flavor still thought it was a pretty decent, simply flavored snack.