Glow in the dark cuisine may seem like something straight from a science fiction movie, but a British inventor has turned dreams into reality with his newest creation: glow in the dark ice cream.

Charlie Francis, founder of Lick Me I’m Delicious Ice Cream, was thrilled to discover that Chinese scientists had synthesized the luminescence protein from jellyfish.

“Naturally we wanted to have a go with some of the stuff, so we ordered some, played around and eventually made this,” Francis posted on the blog for his company website, which features a picture of his mystical creation.

The specially extracted proteins interact with pH levels on the human tongue so the ice cream radiates light when licked.  And the more you lick it, the brighter it gets. But there’s a catch — an expensive one. Food enthusiasts may be ecstatic about this new trend but jellyfish ice cream doesn't come cheap. One scoop will set you back about $220.

Adventurous eaters need not despair. For a cheaper version of this phosphorescent food, Francis offers a gin and tonic sorbet that glows under a UV light - the quinine from tonic exhibits luminescent properties.

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