Get Liquored Up Like a Local: 20 of the World's Best National Spirits

When visiting a new country, most tourists choose to soak up the local color, or maybe soak up some sun on the local beaches.

But every once in a while, it helps to drop the guidebooks, drop the suntan lotion, and head to the bars to soak up some local booze, too.

Everybody loves sampling the authentic regional cuisines from the faraway places they visit, but it's just as fun sampling the authentic liquors and cocktails. Knowing this, the folks in charge of Ibiza's Together Week have put together the following infographic featuring 20 of the world's signature spirits, along with where they're from, what they're made with, and how they're served.

So whether you find yourself in Iceland, Switzerland or Sri Lanka, you'll always be able to order like a local (as long as liquors called "demon water" and "black death" don’t alarm you).

Learn a little more about the world's most-sipped spirits below: