Football prospect says Chipotle burritos helped him gain enough weight for NFL

We bet this guy doesn’t mind paying $2 extra for guac.

It’s a fairytale football story that might end up with one NFL prospect playing in the big leagues thanks—at least in part—to Chipotle’s larger-than-life burritos.

Adam Sheehan is a tight end and a Division II prospect for the NFL.

Although he has not made it big time yet, he’s already making headlines. Sheehan attended Ashland University in Ohio, and reportedly bulked up quickly—going from a 195-pound high school basketball player to a  277-pound NFL prospect in just a few years.

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Now he’s bigger than any of the other tightend prospects that major teams are looking at, according to SB Nation.

So what’s his secret?

“A lot of Chipotle burritos. A lot of burritos,” he told reporters Friday. “No, it all honestly it was a lot of burritos. It was a year and a half to two years of constant[ly telling friends], ‘Sorry, guys, I can’t hang out. I gotta go eat.’”

One steak burrito from the Mexican Grill chain with all of the fixings clocks in at 1,270 calories and 60 grams of fat, so it might not be too surprising that eating a lot of them helped Sheehan put on the pounds.