In today’s era of exponential technological advancement, one invention stands above all. They call it the pizza button -- and that’s literally what it is, a button just for ordering pizza.

A new gadget called the PiePal, designed by tech company iStrategyLabs, is a button programmed to order a pizza with just one push. It’s a bit like the pizza version of LifeCall, but the catch-phrase may be more like “Help, I’ve fallen and I need a pizza.”

As of now, current device only orders Domino’s pizzas. The pizza giant’s advanced online tracking system was easiest for developers to work with, but PiePal does not have any kind of special relationship with the company.

“This is not a client project for Domino’s,” DJ Saul, the chief marketing officer of iStrategyLabs told NPR's All Things Considered. “We know zero people at Domino’s. We just used their ordering infrastructure because they have the most sophisticated online ordering structure of any of the major pizza chains. So anyway, you create an account with us and key in your mailing address and billing info, and select the one order you want to get over and over and over again.”

The device is not quite ready to go on the market, as even the slightest bump will order a pizza. But once protection is added to secure that no accidental pizzas are ordered, the pizza button could be yours to own.

If you’d like to get your hands on the PiePal sooner, you can sign up to be a Beta “Taster” at the company’s website.

Click here to see the pizza button in action.