Doughnut shop faces backlash after creating 'Manson doughnut'

A doughnut shop in Portland, Ore., faced backlash on social media for posting a picture of a frosted-laden doughnut bearing the image of Charles Manson after the serial killer died.

Voodoo Doughnut took down the photo before reposting it with the caption, "Not celebrating. Villains die too." Following even more criticism, the store removed the post entirely, The Willamette Week reported.

"@VoodooDoughnut you might want to rethink about having a donut named after a cult leader and white supremacist who wanted to start a race war back in the 60's. It's really in bad taste. I really hope the families of the victims can finally have peace," one person posted on Twitter, SF Gate reported.

Voodoo Doughnut has a history of paying tribute to “celebrities” after their deaths confections they call “obituary doughnuts,” a spokeswoman Sara Heise told Vice’s food news site