Moms deserve a tasty treat on Mother’s Day. And for those of you adventurous enough to whip up something in the kitchen, we’ve got the ultimate homemade brunch guide.

We asked some of the country's best known celebrity chefs what they would make their moms for Mother’s Day. The answers were creative, even surprising, but undeniably delicious.

From savory gourmet burgers to sweetbread puddings, there's a taste for every mom out there.

1. Fabio Viviani, Pissed Off Eggs


(Chef's Roll/Hyperion, 2013)

"We couldn’t afford much, but the way we made food, we used simple and inexpensive ingredients to make it great. The eggs are called “pissed off” because we would make the dish in one clay pot for everyone. We would try to leave a corner without hot pepper for Grandma, but when the sauce is boiling and the oil bubbles, the spice gets everywhere. Grandma used to get really pissed because she loved the dish but she hated the heat," says the Top Chef alum.

Recipe: Pissed Off Eggs

2. David Burke, PB&J French Toast


(David Burke Group)

“This recipe is reminiscent of a dish that moms have made for us over the years," says the award-winning chef. "This dish takes a classic comfort food to the next level and is the perfect way to say thank you to mom for the countless French toast breakfasts or cutting the crusts off of an endless number of PB&J sandwiches.”

Recipe: David Burke's PB & J French Toast

3. Michael Mina, Fava Bean Falafel


(Chef's Roll)

This dish is derived from one of Mina's fondest childhood food memories.  He wanted to share that comfort-food feel with guests, so he decided to turn the family falafel recipe into a burger.  Michael’s Mother’s Falafel Burger is served on a toasted brioche bun with tahini sauce, warmed heirloom tomato, grilled scallion.  It’s accompanied by a cucumber and tomato relish, the award-winning Duck Fat French Fries with tahini dipping sauce.

Recipe: Michael Mina's Falafel Burger

4. Brooke Williamson & Nick Roberts, Grilled Banana Bread with Maple Bacon Butter


(Chef's Roll)

"This a great dish for a “Breakfast in Bed” Mother’s Day. Something a little naughty for mothers to indulge in on their special day.  This is also a fun dish to make with your family. My son Hudson loves cooking with his dad and mom," says Chef Brooke Williamson.

Recipe: Grilled Banana Bread with Maple Bacon Butter

5. Jamie Bissonnette, Paella Valenciana



"This recipe is great for Mother's Day.  Since you serve it family style, it feels festive and celebratory, and it's an easy thing to serve for a crowd, whether it's three people or ten. Paella is a crowd pleaser since there's something for everyone, like shrimp, clams, chorizo, and even chicken."

Recipe: Paella Valenciana

6. Michele Mazza, Trattoria Il Mulino’s Frittata Italiana


Frittata Capellini for Il Mulino Restaurant NYC 2013 (Chef's Roll)

A frittata is an easy and elegant way to serve eggs at brunch.“This frittata is dedicated to my mom,” said executive chef Michele Mazza. “We were very close and cooked together all of the time; her trick was adding mineral water into the eggs.”

Recipe: Trattoria Il Mulino’s Frittata Italiana

7. Billy Parisi, Lemon Polenta Cake with Blueberries


(Chef's Roll/Billy Parisi)

"This recipe is super easy and a really, really classy dessert to impress Mom," says chef Billy Parisi.

Recipe: Lemon Polenta Cake with Blueberries

8. Annalise Brolaski, Australian Passion Fruit Pavlova


(Chef's Roll)

This dessert is gluten free and all organic. Brolaski wanted to celebrate her mom's Aussie heritage by presenting this sweet dessert. We think all moms will enjoy a light and frothy meringue topped with fresh passion fruit curd.

Recipe: Australian Passion Fruit Pavlova

9. Karrie Hills, SoBrasada, Marcona Almonds and Manchego Tapas in a Jar


(Chef's Roll/Feeney + Bryant Photographers)

According to Hills this dish is great because it travels well, so pack it up on a trip to mom's or plan an outdoor picnic. Plus, mom will love something a little meaty.

Recipe: SoBrasada, Marcona Almonds and Manchego Tapas in a Jar

10. William Bradley, Spring Lamb Persillé


(Chef's Roll/Addison at The Grand Del Mar)

“To me, lamb has always been one of the culinary symbols and favorite tastes of the spring season.  In creating this elegant dish,  I’ve riffed on a more traditional Lamb Persillé (persillé meaning scattered with parsley) recipe by adding house-made stone fruit marmalade and pistachio puree as accompaniments to the easy-to-make and quickly grilled lamb racks.  Perfect for Mom and the whole family with its distinctive spicing, color combination and varied textures – all on one celebratory plate.”

Recipe: Spring Lamb Persillé