Carlsberg is developing non-clinking, biodegradable beer bottles

Could the sound of clinking beer bottles soon be a thing of the past?

Carlsberg is developing the world’s first fully biodegradable bottle for its beer that would be made with sustainable wood fiber.

It’s under development now and wouldn’t hit store shelves for about three years, with the aim to replace glass bottles and aluminum containers. But what makes it possible game changer is that it’s created in one-piece with an inner coating preventing the liquid from leaking out and would give beer the same shelf life as those packaged in traditional material.

All materials used, including the cap, will be developed using bio-based and biodegradable materials - primarily sustainably sourced wood-fibers - allowing the bottle to be responsibly degraded, Carlsberg said.

“At Carlsberg we are firm believers in the importance of a circular economy in ensuring sustainable future growth and development on our planet, and today’s announcement is excellent news. If the project comes to fruition, as we think it will, it will mark a sea-change in our options for packaging liquids, and will be another important step on our journey towards a circular, zero-waste economy,” said Andraea Dawson-Shepherd, the company’s senior vice president for corporate affairs.

Unlike bottles, the containers wouldn’t be clear and would be soft to the touch, bringing serious implications for those who like a hearty clink when toasting.