Camel's milk, edible roses at NYC Fancy Food Show

Every summer, New York City gets a little bit more delicious when the Fancy Food Show rolls into town.

It's the largest showcase of specialty foods and beverages in North America and this year over 2,600 companies from 50 different countries were there to hock their new .

We tried plenty of delicious goodies-- Omi's Apfel Strudel, a drinkable version of apple pie in a bottle from Austria, marshmallows filled with chocolate chips from Madyson's Marshmallows, jerky, beer pickles and plenty of sweet and savory treats to last a lifetime.

There were plenty of first time exhibitors this year with treats that claim to enhance health and vitality across the board.

But is camel milk really the next super beverage? And should we really be eating roses? Only time will tell.

Check out the action from the Summer Fancy Food Show.